Sunday, March 8, 2009

Thinking here.

First of all:

Dear Blogspot,

Please accept my sincerest apologies for neglecting my little mini-world. Well, I'll at least attempt to change that - in the days to come. Meaning, of course, once I brave it through da monsta (piano biz) in June.

Secondly, and, less formally, I've been thinking of administratorship on the English Wikipedia for a while now. I've been offered a nomination man-ny, man-ny times, from the_ed17, Blooded Edge, Juliancolton, J.delanoy, MathCool10, and Goodmorningworld, among others. And, every time, I've turned it down. But the more I hear others asking me about it, the more it becomes a digestible idea. Why not run and see what happens?

See, my greatest fear is not that it will fail - of its initial failure I am certain. Nor is it that people will somehow find an imaginary skeleton in my closet and spark a POINTy, dramatic shark-fest (Because A) there are no skeletons, excepting the people whose bodies I have mutilated, and B) I find it easy to clam up regarding the little monster under the bridge that nomnoms goats). In fact, I don't even know what is holding me back. But I don't even know what others see in me to begin with, either.

Perhaps it is my aura. *halo of light gathers overhead*

In all seriousness, it's still quite an enigmatic decision to me. Perhaps it's the fact that I myself am unsure of my capabilities as an admin. After all, a good editor does not always make great admin.


  1. Well, I suggest you go for it. I'd imagine your work in administrative areas has improved (I don't know, I haven't been able to keep track of things for the last month or so) and most people should be satisfied that. Not that it matters really if you have common sense, but then some of them have very weird... I mean 'strict' criteria :)

    Just one thing; tell me when you decide to run (email me). And no, that does not count as canvassing. Read it if you have a doubt :D

  2. Lulz. Thanks, Chamal. :)

    I'll see about it. If I feel really adminy, I'll let you know for sure.

  3. Argh. I hate to break the bubble, but the bubble will snap if it hits the ground, anyways, right? Wait - now I'm assuming that the RFA-Pianista-Bubble is floating dooowwn.

    You are, of course, a great editor, talented in a number of areas, able to convert mind-boggling amounts of editors to myspace=wikipedia-ship - wait. Scratch that last thought. Gah.

    It's not that Ice thinks you wouldn't benefit from having the tools, it's merely her fear, also, of failure, and (since Ed's failed RFA), I wonder if this will be another "I-told-you-so" situation (which I brought up, somewhat jokingly, post-Ed's RFA).

    Because it isn't exactly in Ice's best interest to have Pianista poked at, prodded at, contribs stalkishly flipped through, issues of myspaceyness brought up, issues of admin-area experience brought up , issues of *insert stupid thing here* brought up.

    In the end, Icy feels that it's Pianista's decision, and that Pianista would probably not kill the wiki if she obtained the tools.

  4. O. This comment will seem teeny compared to Chamal's and Icy's. First, good luck Pianista, if you decide to run. Second, we all know that you've set yourself up for it [maturer userpage, calmer signature, etc]. So I'd like to say good luck from Queenie and her new Kittehmaster. :D

  5. Say, aren't blogs great? We can talk kittehs all day here, without a thought to user-mainspace ratio. :P

  6. True, true. :) But you should consider getting on IRC Queeneh - much faster. Read WP:IRC tutorial to start. If you need help, ping me.

  7. Oh, and suggested channels: ##iMatthew, ##juliancolton, and #wikipedia-en . All on freenode.

  8. An unlogged in QueenieMarch 15, 2009 at 8:48 AM

    I am on IRC! :D My favourite is #wikipedia-en and I'll try out ##iMatthew and ##juliancolton too.

  9. ##juliancolton ftw, people.

    Aaie. I seriously rambled with that comment.

  10. Queenie: Now if only we can coordinate our times. :)

    I'll be on wikibreak for the rest of the week, though, so expect me around sometime next weekend.

  11. Likewise,

    o.o O.o o.O O.O




  12. I'll take "Palianistas and Anonymous Posts" for $1300.

    Answer...DAILY DOUBLE!

    Q: Retired Wikipedian here, saying that he would be surprised if you passed an RFA, ever since he left in March. He wonders if you're still hesitating about it and if is soon your desire. And how did [ talk:La Alquimista] this happen? Recognition?

    A: Who is [insert user in next post]?

  13. That Q was supposed to be phrased as a sentence. :P

    And no, I have no clue. And yes, I apologize for the late response. More hints?

  14. Axel Treebark: Okay, here's your hint.

    1. He had a discussion on EFD.

    2. "That's what jokes are for, dummy".

    3. Nonsensical addition =