Tuesday, February 10, 2009


Bulletin: I've changed my profile photo (cute wittle kitty cat, to your right, under "About"). To be frank, I'm not a softie. I can be soft, but it's just not my nature - most of the time, at least.

Art is great, but Kittehmaster is better. He takes aim - and he is watching you. Violate WP:AGF, and you will be annihilated. Similarly, submit some WP:OR or WP:POV, and you will go down. Above all, violate WP:COOL, WP:CIVIL, WP:NPA, or WP:LEGAL, and you will never live to settle the next WP:LEW.

And if you're thinking WP:OMG!, look up the little acronyms on Wikiland, for great justice and atomic lulz.


Basement Cat


  1. Sing it with me...
    A kitteh bites teh dust... ♫ :P ~~~~

  2. Gack.

    I nearly forgot that pic. What was the last time I saw it?

    Way to go, scaring everyone into submission O:

  3. Icy: Yah, it's a pretty common pic. One of the top on a Google search. :)

  4. Poor kittehmaster. Missed me by 2.576 miles. Iz holding rifle wrong....

  5. Next time you say that, my friend, he will hit.

    B Carefulz,

    Ceiling cat

  6. Hey, wait a second... are you the ceiling cat or the basement cat?

  7. BTW, I finally found a photo of La Pianista.

    And we've all seen Ed...

    ...and me

  8. ok....? I see you changed your image from a innocent little girl to a blood thirsty killer cat. lol...

  9. Chamal? A champion? :P

    Kittehmaster suckz. He mizzed Chamal bai 2.576 miles...mizzed me bai 3.1415926 miles...it iz just sad. I tink u need glassez.

  10. @ Chamal (first): I iz changibul. When I feelz holy, I iz ceiling cat. When I feelz evilz, I iz basement cat.

    @ Chamal (second): Serious rofl here. :D

    @ Ed: Kittehmaster jus haz Lasik ai surjry. Just giv him a chans!

  11. Bulletin: Ai iz changin it agin.

    Moar bettr.

    --Concerto Cat

  12. Now think a minute.... A cat playing a concerto now that's something you don't see everyday. (At least my cat has proper language. :D :D

  13. @Icy: That's "Iceh" according to my superior lolspeech knowledge.

    @Spittle: Your cat can talk? Something tells me you're lying :D

  14. lying?! LYING?! hmph... you're just jealous...