Thursday, February 5, 2009

Chopin exemplified

Ladies and gents, this is the Chopin to beat. In fact, Blechacz even seems to resemble Chopin - the hair, the feel, the sound, the expression...

Now, I will try not to get too carried away with the subject, so I will keep it brief. In vain I have tried to find the right words (even spending a half-hour poring over this d---ed screen), but I have concluded it would be better just to leave the text short and brief. After all the music (and musician) are too beautiful for words.

I will add a bit of an aside - a "barcarolle" is a Venetian gondolier song. Create whatever fantastical, romantic imagery to accompany the evening music - as for me, I'm content with the images in the video alone. ;)

So drink in with the ears, readers. But remember - he's mine.


  1. oh, he's yummy. With lovely men playing Chopin like this, women will continue to swoon for as long as there are pianos to be played.

    And anything that has to do with Venice makes it just that much better. I don't remember my gondolier singing but Venice is a glorious song in itself.


    Can you please just keep following them? It doesn't matter if you don't add anything to them, seriously, and if any other stuff happens, and believe me, it will, because this is life, you can write it down. Please stay!

  3. @ TangoB: I know. Puts Timberlake and other "hunks" to shame. :D

    And I've never been to Italy, but I've always wanted to. I've been to France and Germany once, but I'd love to go to Italy sometime. :)

    @LR: Ha ha, okay, if you say so. :)

  4. Btw, LR - I've posted at Sunlight. Please read it, and think about every answer you give.

  5. I've changed my blog. I think the blogger 'crats deleted my old blog, so you'll have to follow Queeneh, my new one. :)