Wednesday, April 15, 2009

The ice has broken...

And I'm posting again!

Not much going on round here, though. Besides, of course, bunches and bunches of performances and competitions around the Metroplex and elsewhere. And hundreds of Wednesday lessons in between, filled with "Okay, that's good, but...", "Great, but...", and "That's so musical, but...".

You know, I wonder if one day I can have the buts come first. That might not be grammatically correct, but...

Sometimes I might give my prof a nice smack across the cheekbone, and other times I might hug him outright. I respect him, but...

Or, I might cut off sentences with "buts" in them. That might be a good idea, but...



  1. But buts are so nice... And please note that that's the but with only 1 't'

  2. But "but buts", like at the beginning of your post, can be kinda redundant.

    And please note that those are both buts with two t's, one t each, for to make great confusion and happy Pianista, harmonious world.