Friday, December 19, 2008

How to How not to prepare for a recital

  • Dress comfortably
  • Warm up several minutes before showtime with scales and arpeggios
  • Keep hands warm
  • Talk to the others to keep your mind straight
  • Take deep breaths, meditate
  • Above all else: Keep calm
  • Wear your tight little red dress just because it's a size four and you don't want to accept the fact that you're now a size six after Thanksgiving, thereby leaving your literally breathless.
  • Warm up several minutes before showtime - but with the piece you're about to play, thus racking your brains, raising hellish doubt, and causing you to panic.
  • Try sitting on your hands, thereby squeezing all the blood out and leaving them white, lifeless, and limp.
  • Mutter to yourself about how few hours you've spent practicing, and how doomed your performance is going to be, and how sure you're going to fail
  • Ask your teacher for the nth time how many people are in the audience, so you can count them as they fill up the seats.
  • Take deep breaths only to become so nervous you forget to breathe and feel dizzy within a few minutes (that dress isn't helping)
Looks like my score isn't too good...


  1. Oh, you are a very brave girl! Even with that Don't list, I admire you.

    I've been enjoying your comments on my blog and so glad you've found me. And now I'm looking forward to following yours and vicariously living my piano dreams through you.

    Happy happy new year, little Pianista!

  2. Thanks! Gosh, I am so sorry I missed this. Thanks for the comments, a gazillion times over. :D