Friday, January 9, 2009

Another little slice of heaven...

Once again, I am sorely tempted to add another tidbit of choice music. And, lookie - I gave in to temptation.

I was a little hesitant at calling this another slice of heaven, since it's such a dramatic, deep piece. A real contrast to the Ravel. The middle part - the climax - is my personal favorite. This is where Zimerman shines, I believe: a golden tone, almost tangible in its warmth and clarity. Time seems to stand still in those precious moments of pure musical bliss.

This piece is most certainly on my to-do list. That is, if I can get past those huge jumps in the bass. A small, but slender hand is one of my big issues. ;)

But I should keep quiet - listen for yourself and think of your own interpretations. In fact, tell them to me, right now, on the comments board. I'd like to hear from all of you.


  1. Somehow, I prefer this one to the one before. It's more of my type - the ending with all those dramatic octaves, the anxiety, the musical contrasts.

    Love this.

  2. Ja? I can't pick - I love them both equally. Okay, maybe the Ravel a little more, since I'm a little softie. But it depends on my moods - sometimes I prefer this one, sometimes the other.